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Like a grain of sand

At first glance, those who are small may give the impression that they are easy to control. But with the soul of a TRICKSTER (link), the little one is fast and flexible, unpredictable for the big ones and yet loyal as a partner. Like grains of sand that are strong and invincible all together. Just think of a sand dune that neither fences nor walls can stop its migration cannot be avoided by any technical means.


We have two offices at the spectacular Lake Constance shoreline

One is on the German side of the lake in Lindau,
the other at the Austrian shore in Hard near the famous festival city of Bregenz.


Managing Director: Dr. Arne Schumacher


Heuriedweg 20

88131 Lindau


Tel: +49 8382 279213 5

Fax: +49 8382 279213 9

Tax number: 11 43 246 71737

UID: DE206625132

Commercial register: HRB13460

Commercial court: Kempten

Approval authority: Government of Upper Bavaria

Mockenstrasse 8

6971 Hard


Tel: +43 1 361 8267 5

Fax: +43 1 361 8267 9

Tax number: 055/5959

UID: ATU62814066

Commercial register: 278238z

Commercial court: Feldkirch

The company was founded in Wiesbaden in 1999. Since 2006 the company has a branch in Hard at Lake Constance in Austria.

Both companies include a pharmaceutical wholesaler and a department that deals solely with the marketing of the natural remedy Colostrum / Biestmilch. In 2016 the German company moved to Lindau.

The company is still proprietor owned until today.

The owners are:

Dr. Arne Schumacher

Dr. Susann Kraeftner

Die Sparte »Pharma« der TRIXSTERS konzentriert sich auf den Vertrieb von Humanarzneimitteln, im Speziellen von Blutplasmaprodukten und Fertigarzneimitteln.

TRIXSTERS GmbH ist kein Hersteller von Humanarzneimitteln. Sie bezieht End- und Fertigprodukte von lizenzierten Großhändlern und Herstellern in Deutschland, anderen EU-Ländern und der Schweiz.

Sie vertreibt keine verbringungsmeldepflichtigen Präparate laut Arzneiwareneinfuhrgesetz.

Lindau at the LAKE CONSTANCE



Dr. Susann Kraeftner, CEO

TRIXSTERS is derived from Trickster, a term from American anthropology. A trickster is one who crosses borders, one who moves between heaven and earth, between the living and the dead. He or she is a creature that is very versatile and can therefore adapt quickly to all kind of changes. Sometimes he or she is a messenger, sometimes he or she is leading the situation.

If the pathways to the gods are congested, the trickster becomes a thief in the finest sense of the word. He or she steals from the gods what we humans need to survive on this earth. This is how some tricksters became the patrons of science and writing.

Just think of Prometheus, probably the most famous trickster in the western hemisphere. He stole the fire. What would we humans be without this theft?
In the northern Pacific, the raven is a trickster who stole water and daylight. In Japan it was a trickster who liberated the art of agriculture from inaccessible, divine regions.

The trickster creates boundaries and at the same time crosses them. He or she always takes position at crossroads. This is a trait of all tricksters. They are therefore mediators and initiators of social exchange. So they also became the gods of trade.

Tricksters are not on the side of the mighty. If they become powerful, they will lose their ability to be tricksters. So he or she does not steal to get rich, but to create unrest, to undermine the principles established by the powerful, to disturb possessions and truths. In doing so, he or she opens up possible paths into new worlds.

Our world, with its many different cultures, is richly populated with tricksters and their narratives.

In addition to Prometheus, Hermes and Mercury are also famous tricksters of our culture. As early as the 14th century BC, the small lively planet close to the sun was described for the first time by the Assyrians. Its behavior was undoubtedly the inspiration for the creation of the trickster or god Hermes or Mercury.

In Greek mythology, Hermes is the patron god of traffic, travelers, merchants and shepherds, on the other hand also the god of thieves, art dealers, rhetoric, gymnastics and magic, all areas that deal with movement, exchange, trade and crossing borders and are therefore difficult to grasp. The Roman equivalent of Hermes is the god Mercurius, whose name refers to trade (Latin merces "goods") and has survived to this day as Wednesday in various languages.

As unusually fast and agile as the orbit of this little planet closest to the sun is, as a small company we have to remain flexible and maneuverable on all slopes and in all weather conditions, no matter how tight and from which direction the wind blows. Ultimately, we have to be tricksters in order not to perish in this world.

That was the little story behind why we chose this company name.


In 1999 the world was a different one. In order to trade in pharmaceuticals, a simple, informal letter, proof of qualification, e.g. degree in medicine, pharmacy or natural sciences and a company address was sufficient to start the business. Shortly after, the preliminary official license allowing us to trade in pharmaceuticals was in the mailbox. All founding partners were employed and / or independent service providers in the pharmaceutical industry for many years. The focus of our business activities have been written down long before we started trading with pharmaceuticals in 1999.

Visions and goals of the TRIXSTERS GmbH

Marketing of products through pharmacies. Our contacts should be doctors who were interested in complex processes about the mode of action of biological drugs. Many of these therapists were well known to us, and so our business was well founded. No full-range wholesaler business should emerge, but a "special force". If one is small one has to stay focused.

Development of the product portfolio

Intravenous human immunoglobulins and special preparations with a defined high content of virus antibodies against cytomegaly, hepatitis B and varicella zoster were our first commercial products.Our customers were transplant doctors and the doctors who carried out the follow-up care of transplant patients. Internists, nephrologists, cardiologists and haemato-oncologists.Increasingly, immunoglobulins have now also been recognized as effective in chronic inflammatory diseases. In addition to the above-mentioned groups of doctors, neurologists, dermatologists and pain therapists have become convinced users of high-dose immunoglobulin therapy. The explanatory models were initially very poor and inconclusive and poorly understood.

But…. “Whoever heals is right”!

The modulatory properties of biologicals continue until today to be underestimated. Our commitment to biological modulation has been and is a difficult journey, but we have been recognized by suppliers and customers for this achievement. In parallel we started to market our own product Biestmilch. This very valuable preparation made from the first milk of cattle for oral administration shows effects similar to that of intravenous immunoglobulins in many chronic inflammatory diseases. This made our marketing commitment all the more important.

Our good and somewhat unique reputation led to a great diversification of our product portfolio. We were now partners of many pharmaceutical manufacturers, very close, trustworthy and longlasting collaborations were the result. The TRIXSTERS as mediators lived up to their reputation. Generics for tumor therapy, biosimilars and anesthetics, antibiotics and many others were and are now an integral part of our product range. It was always essential to us to receive our products directly from the manufacturer. Our business relations are solid over decades. The supply chain extraordinary and highly valued by our customers.


Arne Schumacher, PhD

Arne is the thoughtful head in the background

Arne is at home in the pharmaceutical industry. He working in this field for many decades now. He is the co-founder of the company. In the background he carefully pulls the strings and has carried us through many a dangerous shallows.

Stefanie Simmerle

Calm and focused

Steffi is our head of office, decisive and straight. She always remains calm and focused, even when chaos has broken out around her. Telephone, correspondence, complaints and accounting are in good hands. Her Vorarlberg accent will be entertaining for you. She is perfectly apt to lead others in a decent way.

Susann Kräftner

Very active in the background

Susann is a partner in TRIXSTERS GmbH. She works in the field of process optimization, quality assurance and project management. With her spirit, she motivates the team and keeps everyone happy.

Marianne Maier

Marianne is a woman of action

Marianne loves the Greek sun. She has a firm grip on our warehouse and never panics, no matter how busy it is. Without fuzzing around, she moves pallets of goods Bach and forth. As soon as the pallets have arrived, they have already been sent out again.

Tina Mätzler

New in the team

She is with us since very recent. We call ourselves very luck to have found. She is intelligent and fast, her heart at the right place. This is essential in times we experience now. She owns all the skills needed in our company, she can replace almost anybody.